Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I've officially cemented my status as a walking TSM (Total Sorority Move). How you may ask?
Well let's just say there was an unfortunate mishap with some spray glue, some extra fine glitter and a pair of shoes. A pair of incredibly awesome shoes now that I'm finished with them! Nude heels completely transformed into a pair of silver, sparkly works of art and are completely perfect!
I have to say sometimes finding shoes that fit at so difficult, especially with a wide foot. The selection just isn't there for someone with a wide foot but I'm a girl and I still want to wear cute shoes. Black pumps, while they made be a staple in every girl's closet get old after a while wearing them to event after event.
But a pair of glittery heels with a kickass dress will never go out of style. So what's a girl with a wide foot to do? Well I have years of sorority crafting experience under my belt so I make my own pair. A can of spray glue and some extra fine silver glitter all I needed in order to craft my own pair of heels.
It just goes to say that when life hands you lemons make lemonade. I refuse to believe that I can't have a great pair of heels, or great dresses, or anything of the like because of something I can't help! No body is perfect but there are ways to make things perfect for yourself. A a great tailor can make an article of clothing fit like a glove and some ingenuity can make a bland pair of shoes … grand!

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