Tuesday, August 19, 2014


St. Francis Hospital
Yes, you read that correctly: Post-Op ... as in I am currently living Post Operation or Post Surgery so this blog is most likely going to be short and sweet since I am still recovering.

This past Friday, August 15 I had to have urgent surgery and have my gallbladder removed. Don't worry though, a gallbladder is overrated anyway and you don't actually need one. Must be why mine decided to make a bunch of gallstones and give me issues, it wanted attention.  Well little organ you got your attention!

Let me just say that when I went to bed Thursday night and woke up Friday morning surgery was about the furthest thing from my mind. My mother is a nurse and when I complained of pains and discomfort, when I was getting sick a lot, she had an inkling that my gallbladder was in fact the issue. But still, when I was brought to the ER at St. Francis Hospital I was expecting treatments, antibiotics, instructions on how to prevent further issues.

Yeah that was wishful thinking on my part because any type of instructions they would give me, including lifestyle changes would only be temporary fixes. I would essentially be waiting for the other shoe to drop and just postponing the inevitable.

I chose the permanent fix and just had the surgery to get it over and done with. It helped that day that my mom was on duty at the hospital when I was brought in, she made sure I would receive the best care possible as any mother would. But I will say this since my mother works in the OR everyone that would be working on me were her friends.

I think this was a big help in easing my mind and allaying tension. It's a different atmosphere when that line between co-worker and friends gets blurred. The nurses weren't just business, they would joke around with me, visit with me and my parents. I'm glad I got such good people to help me through this and do the surgery.

So now I'm on the mend, get a little better each day minus a few bumps in the road. I really just can't wait until I start feeling like my normal self again. That day can't come fast

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