Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Three Times Better With Just One Letter ... ΔΔΔ

Thank you TimeHop!
I can’t believe it’s been five years to the day that I signed my bid to Delta Delta Delta! So much has happened to me in the last five years, so many new and exciting things! But seeing the pictures displayed on my TimeHop brings me right back to the day itself!

I remember squatting behind the stage with one of my new pledge sisters! *ahemMalloryahem* Both of us bursting with excitement as we prepared to join our new sisterhood and begin our New Member Process together.

I remember flashes. No really that’s a legit memory, just flash after flash as picture after picture was snapped. Fast forward only two short years the number of flashes became much fewer as I became the unofficial chapter photographer, only one camera necessary!

But really what I remember most are the people. I was suddenly surrounded by girls I didn’t know I had new sisters, but more importantly I had a whole new group of friends and a whole new family.

Five years ago had you asked me if I thought this group of girls would change my life my answer would have been, I hope so. Now five years later I can say for sure they did change my life. They’re my sisters, my support system, my friends, and my family.

Weekend trips to Hershey Park. Being kidnapped for a day of shopping at the outlets. My Big’s wedding! Supporting another sister’s accomplishments as she probably displays her art. Returning to my roots to assist the Alpha Alpha chapter prepare for their current recruitment process.

Delta Love and Mine Always Epsilon Mu’s!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A piece of advice from NaNoWriMo:

Here's the thing about revision: it's as much about identifying the good stuff as it is about fixing the bad stuff.

……… and thus I continue with my revision process!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

From Page-To-Screen: The Maze Runner

This is a little late, as I saw this movie at least two weeks ago, but since then I’ve had the film mulling over in my mind. When I saw the movie I was not in the right state of mind to form the right sort of opinion on the movie.

The Maze Runner.

You see I pride myself on not being one of those people that will condemn a page-to-screen adaptation just because cuts needed to be made. I understand that pacing and timing are vital parts of success for any film. But I also REFUSE to be one of those girls that swoons over the main actor/actress thus the film can have no flaws because “so and so” is playing the lead.

But it has been two weeks since I’ve seen the movie and since then I’ve come to the conclusion that the film was actually a bit of a disappointment to me. The casting was fine, I have no major complaints there, and visually the maze, The Glade, everything was amazing!

I think my biggest complaint is that it just did not really peak my interest. I found it too easy to scroll through Twitter or Tumblr on my phone and let the movie play in the background. The excitement in the book did not necessarily transfer to the big screen and it fell a little flat in my mind.

I’m contemplating giving the move a second chance; to watch it and really pay attention the entire way through. But there’s no promise that I will.

As it stands this particular movie is not my favorite page-to-screen adaptation and I am even less inclined to read the next book or see the next movie. Only time will tell!