Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Should I Read Next??

What should I read next??
Aahh the age old question of any and every bookworm out there. Sure I have a reading list that's always at least 50 books long. Of course there are books on my bookshelves that have come into my possession one way or another that I have yet to crack the cover on. My friends are always offering up suggestions to me on whatever they are currently engrossed in.
But really … what should I read next?
This comes up more times than I care to admit. Unless and author or a series in which I follow religiously has a release in the immediate future I never know what my next adventure should be. But then again I guess the real quick isn't what, it's which? Which book should I read next?
Because they've all sparked my interest in one way or another, but what is my mood? Do I want to descend into a magical world similar to that of Harry Potter? Do I want to be the face or even part of a rebellion like Katniss Everdeen? Maybe I want to spend some time with a few fallen angels, Patch is still a regular at Bo's Arcade right? Then again hanging from a zip line and stopping international terrorists with Cammie Morgan & Co. is always a great place to be!
I mean my tastes are all across the board and that's really the way it should be. But how do I pick just one? I want to read them all and I'm one of many bookworms born with a 'To Read' list that I will never finish. Okay maybe I'd be able to finish it if I read a book a day, but somehow I think my boss would find issue with me sitting at my desk and reading all day. Though I would love a job that would allow me to do that.
I have learned this about myself though I am a series girl! I love being in what can only be described as a long term relationship with a book. Harry Potter got ten years, between the 7 books and 8 movies, Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl series I followed since I was a sophomore in high school! The Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz , Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, The Heist Society Ally Carter, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunters, even Meg Cabot and Mia Thermopolis have kept me entertained for years and years.
But here's my problem! Kenyon excluded from that list, because she's still going strong, all good things must come to an end eventually. There hasn't been a new Harry Potter book since 2007, the Gallagher Girls have graduated and moved on as of 2013. Patch & Nora are doing their own thing as of 2012. My series are coming to an end, time marches on.
So here I am in that usual rut. I'm stuck and I don't know where to move on from here. Sure I could jump on the bandwagon of Divergent and get into that series. But I'm still uncertain about that series, in theory it looks good and I definitely want to see the movie when it's released but I'm not sure if the books are for me.
So the search continues and suggestions are always welcome!

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