Sunday, June 14, 2015

Welcome to the trip, man!

Holy Plot Twists Batman!

Orphan Black you've done it yet again! The original Castor genome, definitely something no one saw coming! Not to mention the original Leda genome!

Mrs. S's mother! Talk about six degrees of separation! It's truly a small, small world folks.

Not only do we finally get answers we've all been hoping for we now. We are no closer to figuring out who the original clones are for each faction, though my money is still on Sarah/Helena being the original clones.

But we also get some insight into Mrs. S's dark past. It is now less surprising to me that she became guardian/protector to a Leda clone. Sarah's ability to  go unnoticed by DYAD is less of a mystery now.

But seriously, holy plot twists, I did NOT see that one coming! And with only the season finale left! All I want is like ten more episodes! Just a little longer!

I can't believe the season is coming to a close already! I'll have to satisfy my Clone Club craving with reruns. The one thing I can say about this show is that every time I watch an episode again I find something new I'd previously missed. I must say this is one wild ride and pretty soon I'm going to have to get off, but hey I'll just be getting back on that insanely long line to wait for the thrill of riding again.

To quote my favorite geek monkey, "Welcome to the trip, man."

Cosima said it best! Peace out Clone Clubbers!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Silver Moon

"Werewolf," he muttered. "You're a werewolf." 

"Ding, ding, ding," she drawled sarcastically. "Give that boy a prize." 

Kat moved to his bed and pulled the wooden box from his weapons bag to flip open the top and show him the missing shells. The box had been full when he put it under there and now he knows why it was sticking out from underneath the bed this morning when he returned. 

"Silver is lethal to you guys." Sebastian snatched the box back. "What the hell could you possibly need these for?" 

"For the infected wolf in the basement," she said. 

"Infected?" he asked. 

"A wolf not like me," she said. "Rabid, monster, they're the kinds of wolves you hunt and we hate." 

"I see no difference," he snarled. 

"And that right there is why you don't belong here," she said. "I'm out of here, hunters are so stubborn you're not going to listen to me anyway. So I won't even bother wasting my breath." 

Sebastian moved to block the doorknob. "Who said you were leaving?" 

"I did," she snarled. "People here actually care about me! They will skin you alive if I suddenly go missing. Derek knows about us ..." 

"US!" he snapped. "Sorry Cujo but there is no us." 

Kat scoffed and shook her head. "You are all class Sebastian. This is why we don't associate with hunters, small-minded assholes that only care about killing me and mine. Now let me go or I will scream! Maggie will call Derek and he will very much enjoy tearing you limb from limb." 

Sebastian considered his options but could only think of one that made sense at the moment. So he stepped aside and opened the door to let her leave. She's right if she and Derek are werewolves then there are definitely more of them in this town. Werewolves tend to run in packs and they're incredibly territorial, if he took on one of them he'd be taking on all of them and he wouldn't even limp away from that fight.