Friday, December 19, 2014

Prayers for my Mother

A post this week to make up for the weeks I have not, an explanation of sorts as to why my Blog has fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks.

You see dear friends, family and readers shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday had ended my mother was admitted to the hospital after having an episode of disorientation at home. Thankfully my father, who was present at the time, had the wherewithal to know that something was seriously wrong. My mother is normally quite the intelligent, well-spoken and articulate woman but in this instance her speech could only be described as gibberish and nonsensical.

And yes it was very frightening.

A hospital admission, tests, CAT Scans, MRIs, days later she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the episode she had at home classified as a seizure. After her initial diagnosis the doctors and surgeons at St. Francis Hospital decided the best course of action would be to perform surgery to remove the tumor, which was not only close to the skull but also small enough that removing it in its entirety was possible. Her surgery was scheduled for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving; it was a long day for our little family.

But as of now my mother is home, she’s in good spirits and truly you would not even know she had to have brain surgery. Alas she was mourning the fact that her doctors needed to shave part of her hair off in order to work their medical magic; having only just returned from the salon mere hours prior to her episode. I, however, have taken a more positive outlook on the matter! It’s the style now to have shaved half of your head and constantly assure her that her new look is in fact in style.

I’ve even supplied her with several pictures of Demi Lovato, evidence that it is in fact a style! Although I do not believe I have convinced her to adopt the style for long. I try.

Since her return from the hospital she has had a few follow up appointments with her doctors and even some with new doctors. Currently we are in step two of the healing process, the brain tumor was diagnosed as a cancer.

Yes, a cancer, one that we must fight and fight we will.

Now I plead with you, my readers, as my family navigates these unexpected events. We plead with you all for prayers ad good wishes.

We need positive thoughts. We need prayers. Right now my mother’s name is on the “Please Pray” list with three local parishes. We have reached out to family and friends in other counties, other states and even other countries. My Father’s reach has extended from New Jersey to Seattle. My mother has reached all the way to France. In Uruguay thanks to my cousin’s fiancĂ©e and all the way down to Africa and across Europe to Asia thanks to my uncle.

So please keep my family in your prayers, add Virginia Fallon to the “Please Pray” list in your parishes. We are keeping positive and praying hard, that’s all we ask in return!  Prayers and faith.

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