Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Live from St. Mary's High School!

Tonight I'm returning to my roots, my old stomping ground if you will. I am the official chaperone of not one, not two but three different Sports Night practices!
I'm not sure how I feel about being the responsible adult that chaperones things, but it's fun to be included in something again that I once found to be so much fun. I still do find it fun, I'm living vicariously through my sister I guess as an honorary member, maybe captain, of the Blue Team.
St. Mary's Sports Night is a 50+ year legacy, one that's in jeopardy and that's unfortunate. This is a legacy, a tradition that alumni women bond over, it's something you remember years later and tell you daughters about. Being a part of Blue Team, even White Team, is something that made my high school experience that much more memorable.
My senior year I was lucky enough to be part of the 50th anniversary of Sports Night, a three night event that not only included but involved the returning alumni. These women who graduated five, ten, fifteen, even twenty years ago were so excited and over joyed about being a part of the event again. We involved these ladies as more than just spectators, they were participants.
We broke tradition that year with a third night of performances, a tradition of a two night performance. Two chances to show off all your handwork and rock that gym like you're on Dancing With The Stars. That tradition is no more unfortunately.
The current principle decided to change it from two night to one night! Taking away a night of Sports Night is taking away a chance for the girls to show off how hard they worked over the last few months. Friends and family must now fight for tickets in order to see their daughters, sisters, cousins, friends perform. As an alumni of not only Sports Night but St. Mary's I find this to be completely ridiculous and unfair. The girls put their blood, sweat and tears into Sports Night and now they deserve their two nights.
I myself looked forward to returning to St. Mary's for the high anniversaries, 75, 100, and however many others I could. But now I worry that they may not happen at all. If this tradition is being cut off at the knees there's a chance it may not last to see 75 years, let alone 100! This is an event that turns girls in leaders and being robbed of that opportunity it truly sad.
So to all you alumni out there continue to support Sports Night, because it would be a tragedy for future generations to lose such an amazing tradition.

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