Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rantings & Ravings of a Mad Woman

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Okay, so I have another pet peeve and yes once again it's about books. I'd apologize but I'm not sorry, books are my life, they were my salvation when I was extremely depressed and they're my escape when reality becomes vastly overrated. I'm also a writer and an aspiring author so the craft and the art of writing is something I feel very strongly about.
Which brings me to my real pet peeve, and it was sparked by the new Breaking Dawn promos. Have I seen the movie? No, not yet. I probably will at some point or another but I haven't yet. I have however read the book, and yes I did pay attention when I was reading the book so just from the promos I already know the directors and producers have changed a significant part of the story.
If I recall correctly there was no battle, no one fought, in fact most of them never even got within twenty feet of one another. The Cullens and the Volturi stood at opposite ends of that field and stared at each other for 25 pages. So where did this great, big battle come from?!? Creative license there, I think so.
But as annoying as that is it's not even the part that irritates me the most. What really annoys me is this supposed twist ending to the story.
It's a book!! You do not, under any circumstances, change the ending of a story that's already been written. The story has already been established and I can assure you that Stephenie Meyer worked very hard on the ending, because they're not easy! This has happened once before when I saw Dear John and yeah I was annoyed then too! The ending is the way it is for a reason, that is one area in which creative license should never be taken.
I can honestly say that if someone were to take a book/story that I had written, turned it into a movie and decided to change the ending/plot that I had worked so hard on I would be furious. Writing is hard, it keeps you up at night and it consumes your life. As a writer I carry around other lives with me, characters that speak to me at odd times of day and characters that want to be produced for my next work.
This is one opinion I have that will never change, and I'm not sorry for voicing it.

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