Monday, November 12, 2012

New Beginnings

     Okay, so it's time to be honest and in my effort to fully disclose to anyone that might possibly read this ... this is not my first attempt at Blogging.
     However so far, this blog is by far the easiest for me to use and connects with more of my accounts so yayy!! Plus there's an app for my phone so I can update on the go.
     Now I'm no Jenna from Awkward, truthfully I'm not even a fan of the how but my 16 year old sister is so it's on constantly, but I am a writer. My words are my art and like the title of my blog I do consider myself an artist. I don't paint, I don't sculpt and I don't get down and dirty like what many would consider a traditional artist to be. But I do have a craft, i do work hard and yes I do stay up at night trying to perfect my work. It's why I say I don't sleep, because many nights I don't. I'll stay up until my eyes and my head literally cant take it anymore before I shut down my computer.
     Now to be honest my first attempts at recording my thoughts, my rantings and ravings, started with journals and diaries. Good old pen and paper, books and books half-filled with the thoughts of a writer or a budding one as it may be. But I'm evolving with the times and somehow blogging just seems right, it's the 21st century journal ... and an App on my phone takes up much less space in my purse than one of my leather bound journals.
     Yes I said leather bound, no spiral notebooks for me, I like there to be some serious weight in my hand when I pick up a journal. And I love the smell of leather, especially when it's the binding that holds pages together. And before anyone starts judging me for liking the smell of books, just recall there are people that go crazy for that new car smell. I'll admit I used to be one of those people too, love that new car smell, however working in a car dealership means I've become pretty immune to the smell. Such a sad, sad day my friends.
     But thankfully even working in two libraries from the time I was fifteen until the time I graduated college working around that many books did not make me immune to their unique smell. It's an addiction and one that I don't want to be cured of ...

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