Friday, November 23, 2012


     For some reason this thought just hit me, a lightbulb if you will just went off inside my head; inspired by a Subway sandwich of all things.
     But I digress, the truly amazing thing that has me in awe is people. I sitting on my lunch break, eating the subway I ordered, and the though suddenly occurred to me ... Well memory rather, because at my very first job me and my coworkers would order Subway together every Thursday night. It was our little ritual, our tradition for probably about a year before it stopped. (Another story for another time)
     I remember the people though, those of us that used to order together and eat together and basically made memories together. The weirdest most absurd conversations would go on around that table and I loved every one of them. But of those people, that little group, I only talk regularly to one person.
     Honestly at this point I barely remember what it was like to not be friends with her, she's like another half of my brain I never knew was missing. The others however, one has since passed on, losing her unfortunate battle to cancer more than a year ago. One I still speak too and see occasionally, life happens right?? She has her life and I have mine but we still really enjoy way others company and see each other whenever we can.
     The fourth though, I honestly don't know what happened there. Life happened I guess, I lived mine the way I wanted too. Did the things that would make me happy. But she just couldn't deal and somehow that's my fault.
     I'm not sure why or how that happened and it makes me sad that people can be so petty. But I will never apologize for doing something that makes me happiest, that gave me great memories and even greater friends that I can count on.
So that's the amazing part, the people that come into your life and are supportive no matter what. Those people that become invaluable to you; people you meet that change you forever ... for the good.

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