Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars

I feel I must post this, and I know this entry is going to be short and sweet. But thus far I have seen The Fault in Our Stars twice in theaters. It's amazing! Beautiful!

Really that's the only way to describe this movie. Beautiful.

As we all know when adapting novel to film things get a little muddled in translation, scenes and moments land on the cutting room floor in the name of timing and pacing. Ultimately changes must be made, it's the way of the business and it's a necessary evil I've accepted in life. So when entering the theater I always remind myself that this is an adaptation! ADAPTATION!

But this ... this movie I left the theater with not a single complaint. I left the theater utterly speechless and, honestly, a complete and total mess! I melted into a puddle of tears because of how beautifully true and emotionally jarring it was.

So there it is ... beautiful.

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