Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Did I Miss The Memo?

Did I miss the memo? Since when does spending four years in school and getting a degree make me a baby? Sure maybe I'm not working in my field that I studied for but I'm working! I'm an adult and taking charge of my life by at least working to support myself rather than depending on someone else to pay my bills and my lifestyle. Because it's just not me!

I've been working since I was fifteen years old, I held two jobs while I was an undergrad and still managed to maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. I know how to work hard; I managed to stay in school and graduate on time which in this day and age seems to  be a feat in an of itself. When I started school it was right around the time of one of the worst financial periods in our history since the Great Depression and I still managed to stay in school. I don't appreciate the insinuation that I may be a princess or a brat, don't pity my parents because I still live with them. Don't pity any potential future husband because he will have to support me! Because that's not how I work.

I'll admit that it kind of stinks that I spent four years in school and yet I'm not really utilizing my degree in the ways I had hoped. But that being said I chose my major knowing full well that my career choice, my passion, was not an ad I would find in the classifieds of employers looking to hire. In fact it's pretty non-existent that you see an ad for creative fiction writers, so I work. I'm a car girl and just seemed to fall right into place in a dealership not far from my home. I like my job and I'm good at it; I don't plan on it being my career but it's my job now so I'll give it 110%.

Now I understand I went to school and studied English, I have a BA in it. But once again, did I miss some sort of memo that gives other permission to belittle my degree? So because I didn't get a degree in medicine, or physical therapy, or some sort of trade it allows others to turn their noses up at my degree? Believe it or not guys I worked hard for my degree, and all you other English majors can agree, it's not exactly as easy as everyone else seems to think. I read Shakespeare, I know how to think critically and dissect stories that I read, I spent an entire semester studying Chaucer! CHAUCER!

My degree is something that I am proud of, something that I earned! So I do not appreciate being talked down to just because I chose to study English. I don't enjoy being told that I picked wrong when I declared! Or that I'm a fool because I would like to one day get my MFA in Creative Writing! That's the fast way to tick me off and put me on the offensive and if you haven't gone toe to toe with before I give as good as I get, especially when what I'm fighting for I have a passion for.

So please someone, if there was a memo sent out that declared an English degree to be akin to a degree in comedy I'd love a copy of it. Otherwise keep the side comments out of my earshot; they're not appreciated.

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