Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Blacklist

I think I've found a new favorite TV show! Granted I'm coming in a little late and episodes have already aired, that being said thank god for Hulu!
Started watching last night and watching James Spader has made me miss what I loved so much about Boston Legal. I'm not a Pretty in Pink type of girl. Actually I've never even seen the movie the entire way through. When it comes to Pop Culture I always seem to be in a world of my own, I find the things that I like and follow them regardless of what other's like or think.
But then again I was always that kid at recess that would rather read than play kickball. I'm not really coordinated enough for sports anyway; though apparently archery is the exception to that rule and that is after I only had one lesson at a shooting range.
Sometimes I'm a frontrunner ... I really think only a true fan of Supernatural watches the show for the show! And a real fan remembers the disclaimer that was on the screen for thirty second prior to the premiere of the pilot. Do you remember it? Because I sure do. Plus a real fan remembers that Supernatural originally aired on a Tuesday night, it's been bouncing around ever since, nine years later it's back on Tuesdays nights.
But I digress ... The Blacklist. A criminal mastermind that comes in out of the cold, supplying secrets to the FBI in exchange for a few creature comforts. Now I have my theories about this show, why Red came in out of the cold on such a specific day. Why he's choosing so meticulously who he works with and whom he will reveal his secrets to. But I'm a firm believer in not divulging spoilers, plus I could be completely wrong. But for the moment I think I'm just going to enjoy the ride and see what comes of Raymond Reddington.
And to anyone else that loves criminal mastermind, mind games and trickery, this is the show for you.

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