Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do I miss my job?

Do I miss my job?

The number of times I’ve been asked this since switching, more than I care to admit. I find it to be an odd question anyway; leaving my former job for my current one was MY decision. There were no outside or contributing factors to my leaving Audi other than a decision I made for myself. I was ready for a change nothing more and nothing less.

So do I miss my job? I guess the answer would be no.

If you were looking at a simple answer that is, the simple answer would be no but really it’s much more complicated than that.

Because a job is not just a job; I wasn’t locked away in a room by myself for 8 hours a day when I left the house everyday. I went to a business and interacted with people. I talked to dozens of people everyday and I made friends. I made friends that I never would have met anywhere else in any other walk of life.

Everyday I learned something new and developed a set of skills, learned a language, that not every ordinary person would understand.

I’m not going to lie I was a girl playing in the boys club and if I’m being honest you need to be a tough girl to play in that club. I learned a lot. I’ve got tough skin because of it. The experience I took from it and all that I learned I’m thankful for.

My new job was a fairly lateral move, similar work but different environment and for that I knew I would be fine. That the move was not something I needed to be worried about.

So do I miss my job? No.

Do I miss everything else? Yes.

Leaving was bittersweet for me; I was leaving behind my comfort zone and what I have known for the last 3 years! I was leaving behind friends that I had grown accustomed to seeing and talking to on a daily basis. I needed to accept the fact that I would be joining a new environment and find my place in it.

But I am so ready for this change! After the last few months my family has had we are more than ready for a change in a positive way! This is something to be excited about and it’s been nothing but good on all sides.

I’m finding my way in the world and moving up to bigger and better things. My friends are still my friends and so supportive of my move even if it meant leaving.

Do I miss my job?

The answer is not so simple because a job is more than just a job.

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