Friday, July 3, 2015

Dirty Rush

"From the outside looking in, you can never understand it. From in the inside looking out, you can never explain it."
Let me just start off by saying that I am a sorority woman and damn proud to be one! So whenever I see anything in pop culture related to Greek Life I take it with a grain of salt and a dash of skepticism. It’s no secret after all that Greek Life in general can get a bad rap from movies, TV shows, etc. MY story on the other hand is nothing media worthy or salacious, my story is simply ideal.

I joined Greek Life, specifically Delta Delta Delta, to get more involved in my school. As a commuter student at basically a suitcase school getting involved in on campus organizations seemed like the best option for me. I went to the club fairs and ultimately decided to go through Rush; Delta Delta Delta was just the most perfect fit for me. I loved the girls and their values; I’ve never once regretted signing my bid.

That being said not everyone’s situation is as ideal as mine, some stories are far more exciting! Thanks to Babe Walker & Total Sorority Move we get the compelling and wildly entertaining tale of Taylor Bell! Brand new college freshman and five-time legacy of the Beta Zeta sorority at Central Delaware University.

Dirty Rush is the exciting (albeit insane) tale of Bell’s freshman year and how she ended Rushing a sorority, something she never planned on doing when she initially set foot on campus. Being a legacy however means the BZ girls already had Taylor on radar. Like anything in life it’s essential to keep you options open, never close yourself off to anything without at least trying it, though she was initially against Rushing Taylor met the girls and found herself on a whirlwind of being recruited and offered a bid to Beta Zeta.

That was only the beginning for Taylor; the deluge of events begins after she signs her bid. Between Hell Week, parties, her first college boyfriend and of course initiation Taylor learns more about what it means to be a Greek Life woman. Alas as with all things when things are going good something has to come along to trip you up on the ride, secrets are exposed that make Taylor question every decision she made in joining BZ.  Oh and let’s not forget about the leaked sex tape which she is pinned as the star of.

Okay bear with me, I know things seem to be getting a little out of hand but trust me it’s worth the ride! Between the events that happened in Taylor’s freshman year to the portrayal of Greeks in general it’s just so outlandish why couldn’t it be well on its way to the silver screen?

Part of me thinks I should’ve been a little offended at the portrayal of Greek Life but overall the book was just so wildly entertaining I wasn’t. Of course I know that the way Greeks were portrayed could be incredibly offensive to some, but not me. The story of Taylor Bell is told in a way that fits the tone of the novel. There’s no shying away from the gory details just to spare someone else’s feelings. Her story would not anywhere near as compelling if she did tiptoe around the tough stuff. Sure, she had “sisters” stab her in the back, she had a guy flake on her when she needed him most and everything about being a Beta Zeta tested who she was as a person.

But honestly, at the heart of it all, Taylor Bell found what anyone looks for when they join any organization. Taylor Bell found sisters that were true and loyal, she learned who were really her friends and who was not worth her time. For Taylor the good outweighed the bad (and it got bad) but one bad apple did not poison the whole bunch. Her story is more than just an exposé of Greek Life; this is real life! In real life friends will betray you, in real life you’ll be tested and pushed to the breaking point. Taylor Bell’s story is about more than just the letters you wear it’s about learning who you are as a person and how to handle the curve balls.

In the final chapter when all was said and done the camaraderie I felt between Taylor Bell and her sisters is exactly the type of relationship I feel with my sisters. She found a group of girls to accept her for the person she is and who would support her through the tough times. Taylor Bell didn’t fall in love with the idea of Beta Zeta, she fell for the heart of Beta Zeta, she fell for the ideals that the organization was built upon. These are the ideals that any woman should fall in love with because for any woman looking to join a Greek organization those ideals won’t just be that of your Sorority, those ideals become yours too.

So yes this is a book I would highly recommend to any Greek woman. It's wildly entertaining and quite a ride from start to finish! 

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