Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by, James Dashner

Today a review! No complaints, no nit picking, just a straight up reader review of a book I recently finished. Now bear in mind I have not yet seen the movie, I do plan to, but as of right now all I know is the novel. That being said ... not one of my favorites.

I will respect and give praise to James Dashner because it was quite the concept he had. He came up with a very intriguing world; a

world that is in shambles and essentially experimenting on children in an attempt to fix it. Their memories wiped the Gladers must rely purely on their own human nature and desire to survive, to escape.

The memory wipe I think impacted my opinion on the characters. Since they did not remember the outside world they were never really sure what they were fighting, struggling to return to. The Gladers were essentially like mice in a cage being forced into certain situations. Their lack of memories made me question why they didn't try harder to remember? In my opinion knowing as many facts as possible, having as many memories as possible, would be essential to a successful escape.

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Let's recap, they only figured out how to solve the Maze after Thomas's attack on the Grievers. His pure need to remember and his willingness to do anything to get his memories back are what the Gladers ultimately needed.

The book; not one of my favorites! I will probably continue reading the rest of the series and I am planning on seeing the movie while still in theaters but I don't know that I will recommend it. I have my hopes for the movie, particularly in regards to the environment in that I hope it is visually stunning. I hope the casting and the actors draw me closer to the characters. And as always I hope the essence of the book, the life's blood of the story, seep off of the screen to the viewer because that's the most important part of any adaptation.

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