Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let's Get the Ball Rolling Shall We?

So now I really want to make my blog a regular thing. My plan is to post every Tuesday night, however in honor of Christmas Eve tomorrow I'll be making this post a little early. So from now on expect regular posts every Tuesday night and every other Sunday evening, that is for anyone that reads my blog. And to those that do I really appreciate it, I love my readers and gaining readers is the goal here! I do want to be an author, even the few that have purchased and read my book already I love you guys a lot.

Now let's really get the ball rolling, because this post is really about an article I read on Yahoo when I was at work a few days ago. A new series that has the ability to overthrow both "Twilight" and "The Hunger Games." And I think many of you know which Young Adult series is being made into a movie that is big enough to earn this title; enter "Divergent" starring Shailene Woodley & Theo James.

Before I make any enemies, no I have not read the "Divergent" series, from what I've seen in the promos and trailed the concept seems interesting however I was sternly warned by a friend that it simply is not a book I'd enjoy. My forthcoming litany has nothing to do with the series itself, Young Adult is my preference both to read and to write. Hooray for Veronica Roth having her trilogy published and made into a major motion picture within three years, that's amazing!

All that being said do I see "Divergent" overthrowing two very popular & very high-grossing series, one of which has not even released its final two installments yet! "Twilight" yeah go ahead, I can see that being overthrown. "Twilight" I am still firmly in the belief rode very heavily on the coat tails of the the very popular, very successful institution that is "Harry Potter."

It also goes without saying that the leading lady of "Twilight" runs not only hot and cold with her critics but with fans as well. Kristen Stewart. It's no secret that she's not held in the highest esteem of many movie goers or critics; her lack of emotion and just general appearance of indifference is extremely off putting. Not only that but every movie after the first went from awkward to uncomfortable to creepy really quickly.

Go ahead and overthrow the vampires that glitter and the werewolves that aren't bound by the full moon. However I do not foresee "Divergent" overthrowing "The Hunger Games" for one reason and one reason only. Miss Jennifer Lawrence.

THG's leading lady is not only relatable she is both a joy to watch both in character and as her vivacious self. The entire cast of THG seems like they're a joy and a nightmare to be around. They must always keep their Director on his toes but as a whole they make one hell of a movie. The first installment of "The Hunger Games" was amazing. However "Catching Fire" was simply amazing! The sequel was not only an equal to the first but it far exceeded it, the second upped the ante and the countdown for "Mockingjay" Part 1 has begun!

So go ahead "Divergent" and do your worst, but just remember JLaw might whip out her Oscar and pull a Katniss Everdeen to keep her throne if need be.

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