Friday, December 14, 2012

Taboo .... No, not the game

     I've been inspired by the recent school shooting in CT, where some guy decided to go into an elementary school and shoot 27 kids. I'm sorry, WHAT?!? Kids!! Children!! Innocents!!
     The insanity of this world truly baffles me sometimes. Now I'm it going to pretend that this country is the only one with wackos who so crazy stuff like this, because we're not. Wackos come in all races, religions, shapes, sizes and genders. Lets face it, it takes all kinds to make a world and people aren't all cut from the same cloth. Humanity is not one size fits all, we have free will and what we each do with that free will is a personal decision.
      That being said, free will when untamed can be dangerous and taboos only make it harder to tame something like that. I have a sister and if you tell her not to do something, such as don't play your music so loudly, her guy reaction is to crank it up. There's no rhyme or reason her persona is just that she sees everything as a challenge and does not like to be confined by another person's limitations.
     Now I'm not saying my sister is on par with someone that shoots 27 children; because she is actually the sweetest person I know. What I'm saying is that she and I were raised in a household where next to nothing is a taboo subject. If I have a question I was allowed to ask it and gain new knowledge to fully formulate an opinion on something. However not everyone was that lucky, and societal perceptions are a big part of that.
      Guns, sex, drugs, etc. they're all taboo topics. It's all hush, hush and sweeping things under a rug, you'll understand when you're older or go ask someone else. Once again, WHAT?!?
      The phrase curiosity killed the cat has some merit people!! The less people know and learn young, the more curious they get and the more dangerous that is!! Human beings by nature are curious, driven, and determined. If they don't get information from a reliable first source, they're gonna keep going until they get information from ANY source.
     Just remove the taboo, talk to kids and teach them correctly about guns, drugs, sex like you would about math, English and science. It's not that big a deal! And trust me the less taboo a topic the less likely your kid is to grow up and be an idiot.

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