Sunday, December 2, 2012

iPhone Problems

I'm having a love-hate relationship with my iPhone right now. I love, love, love my phone. It's probably the greatest phone that I have owned in nearly ten years of having a cell phone. I'm always extremely happy that I made the decision to upgrade to an iPhone and I have no plans on going back to a regular phone or one of those other confusing smart phones.
Now for the hate, my freaking home button PMS-es more than I do! And I'm a girl, I have my PMS moments, however when my phone does it more than I do it's a problem. And unfortunately the Apple store can't replace my phone because it's out of warranty (womp, womp).
If I didn't have the assistive touch turned on right now, I'd probably end up throwing my phone at a wall. And for anyone that doesn't know what assistive touch is and shares my problem you're missing out. Right now, go to your settings, into general, to accessibility and turn assistive touch on right now. Basically everything you'd need your home button and/or lock button for the assistive touch can do. It has the option to lock your phone, return to the home screen, activate voice control, even screen shot.
Now I'd be lying if I said having the assistive touch on my home screen didn't take some getting used too. But once I situated it on the screen so it's pretty out of the way i don't know why I put up with my finicky home button for so long. I'm so thankful that Apple created a way to deal with this little hiccup on my phone and it'll help get me to my upgrade so I can get my iPhone 4S.
And yes I said 4S, I realize the 5 just recently came out but really I spent enough money to buy my 26 phone cases I'd like to get as much use out of them as possible before they become useless to me. So yes the iPhone 4S is next, summertime you can't come soon enough.

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