Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Two Star Review

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Virgin by, Radhika Sanghani

Let me start off by saying I did read this book and it was not the right choice, for me! Others have read this book and thought it was amazing! However, I read this book with a lot of skepticism and the phrase “this is not real life” floating around in my head constantly.

I’m not usually one to outright bash a book, bash an author or shame anyone else for their choices in books. I’ve come to learn that reading is entirely subjective and what I enjoy is not necessarily what someone else would enjoy. I don’t like to shame others because I have been judged for my choices; choices I still stand by and will defend until my last breath!

Every once in a while comes along a novel that I won’t recommend because I can honestly say I did not enjoy it throughout. Virgin was one of those unfortunate anomalies.

As a book that was billed as laugh out loud funny and entertaining I can say it had it’s moments, but I was more disbelieving than entertained by the situations presented. I found myself having difficulty relating to the main character and even at times annoyed by her. She was too self-deprecating for my tastes and a bit of an alarmist.

I think it’s very important for the reader to relate to the protagonist in some way, you need to connect to the person telling the story. If I, as a reader, can’t connect with the protagonist it makes it very difficult for me to relate to their feelings, insecurities, anxieties.

Ellie Kolstakis, the protagonist, felt a little unbalanced to me. She was so obsessed with facet of her being it completely cancelled out all other aspects of her life. She billed herself to the reader as a busy college student a mere semester away from graduation, but we never saw that. In her mind nothing else mattered except the fact that she was a college senior and still a virgin. In my mind I’m just amazed she didn’t end up failing out of her university program because she had such severe tunnel vision and that tunnel was not leading her to graduation.

Follow me on Goodreads for a more in depth review of my two-star rating on this book. Like I said this book had its moments, but it just was not one of my favorite choices.

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