Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sports Night 2014 - BLUE TEAM WINS!

Sports Night 2014
Step Right Up To Blue

     I know I've said it before and I guess I'm going to say it again. But only because I am incredibly proud of my sister and her team. And I know this blog post is a day late, but hey better late than never. Plus I'm still trying to get my life back in order after the whirlwind that is St. Mary's Sports Night. Not even having been a participant in this year's competition I feel like I was.
     I did everything possible to support and assist my sister and her captains, her team, in every and any way that I could. I chaperoned practices for hours on end, helped teach Blue Karaoke a stunt, cleaned up glass when they accidentally broke a mirror on the gym floor. Everything from taking and ordering a few dozen sweatshirts, making sure every guest Caroline invited was decked out from head to toe in Blue Team spirit gear. I gave up my days off to help with building her entrance prop and touching up the mural.
     I made more trips to AC Moore and Michael's in a month than I ever had to make when I was crafting for Tri Delta. Believe me that's a lot of trips. But in the end it was all worth, even if they hadn't won both teams performed amazingly. The show was great and it was great to be in the stands and be able to know not one or two, but a majority of the girls on both the Blue and the White team. Being a spectator can be just as much fun as being a participant.
     I'm glad that my sister had as much fun with Sports Night as I did when I was at St. Mary's. I'm glad she had as much fun as our mother did when she was on the Blue Team at St. Mary's. In our family Blue Team is a legacy and I hope to continue that legacy well into the future.

Post Blue Team Victory

Blue Team Overall Captains
"We Love Our Overall"

Blue Overall Captains

Blue Team Overall Captains & White Team Overall Captains

 Blue Karaoke Routine

Blue Karaoke

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