Friday, May 17, 2013

Life as I Know It ...

All right, I'll admit ... it's been a while since I last posted. What can I say my life is one big ADD moment after the next, I have the attention span of a little kid sometimes and I just can't help but get distracted by other things. But now I need an outlet, a place to vent and really my carpal tunnel just wouldn't be able to handle scrawling in one of my journals right now.
I hate to be a downer I really do, but let's face it people this whole adulthood, life, that in between when you're legally considered an adult and need to work for a living but you don't make enough to support yourself quite yet. In short stress happens! And boy do I feel like stress took me out back and beat me up today, it's just one of those days that knock your legs out from under you then kick you while you're down on the ground.
The hits just kept on coming, despite the beautiful weather everyone I dealt with today seemed to be in a foul mood or micromanaging every little thing. And of course those are the people that are the first to snap at anyone trying to have a good day, or are just happy in general.
I woke up this morning and thought to myself; it's going to be a good day. It's Friday, I get to dress a little casual for work today, I have the entire weekend off, I'm going to watch one of my best friend's graduate college on Sunday. I mean really everything in my head was all lined up perfectly and I was ready for the day. Well I definitely did not mentally prepare myself for this particular day.  I wish there was a way to tell people to just calm their tits, whatever you're obsessing over it's not THAT big of a deal that you need to lose your cool.
Unfortunately I get paid to keep a smile on my face and accommodate my customers in any way that I can; the truth of my life, the truth of my job. Now I'm a sorority girl, who went through many, many recruitments and had to do the same thing. Even when girls told me they hate particular sisters of mine, I had to keep my cool and not go bananas when all I really wanted to do was just yell and scream. My recruitment training helped me in a big way but even I have my limit.
So I had a bad day, but that's all it was ... a bad day. Tomorrow will be better, I get to sleep in, do things for me. Sometimes a 'Me' day is all you really need to turn a foul mood around. And I get to remind myself that there were people on my side today, they agreed with me and they were thankful and grateful if I went above and beyond to assist them. Those are the people I am more than happy to accommodate, the ones that can see that I am a person trying here and not just a vessel with a voice box.
Just a bad day ... Tomorrow will be better ... Being optimistic does not always mean you're happy. But it does mean you're able to look beyond and see that sun on the horizon.

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